Develop Your Job Portal With Us


As a school, the two most important assets you possess are your alumni and employers. Both are a source of referrals as well as placements. They are both integral to the success of your students getting jobs as well as referrals of future students.

The self-branded job portal app allows you in three major ways.

  • Build a strong bridge between you and your employer base
  • Build a lasting connection to your alumni
  • Create a meaningful job posting that supports your current students and prospective students by nurturing their interest with a constant flow of job postings.

You gain this in a simple, easy to use application that supports your school brand and gives you control of the job placement process.

  • Employers register and post jobs, you approve the postings and that's all there is to it. You can wait for the students to come to you or you can forward particular jobs to students you are working with for placement.
  • In turn, the students search the job postings and request additional information from your placement department. (This is accomplished by making sure that the job postings do not contain any contact information so your students must get the information from your placement department.)
  • Your placement department works with the student to make sure they are prepared for the interviews and you know exactly who is meeting with the employer. You can follow up with the student and/or the employer to nurture the process.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly emails are sent to all students, prospective students and graduates who are signed up for the updates. This supports retention and future enrollment. There's nothing more powerful than seeing new listings being posted on a regular basis. This is one of the most important influencers for people going into a new career.
  • Since the contact data isn't posted in the listings, it prevents graduates from other schools and the general public from poaching the jobs for your graduates. This keeps you in control and allows you to protect the employer from unqualified inquiries.
  • You also have the ability to bulk email to everyone who is signed up for the job postings as well as to the employers.

The benefits of the bridge this builds to the future and the past is how you will grow your business today.